CEO Message: Proud of UCAR and Realtor Pride

Proud of UCAR

This past week the UCAR Government Affairs Committee spent two days interviewing dozens of municipal candidates.Municipal officials have perhaps an even greater ability to impact our quality of life than any other level of government. It is more important than ever that we elect business-minded candidates: individuals that understand the challenges we face.

I am proud that many REALTORS® care enough to volunteer their time to promote good public policy and support our efforts to elected good leaders. It’s a lot to ask others to take two days to conduct interviews with many candidates; we also and asked all candidates running in the primary elections to complete a questionnaire about their position on private property issues, business development, job creation, and many other local issues. I hope the next time you see a member of the GAC that you will thank them for their efforts.

The GAC recommendations were then presented to the UCAR REALTOR® Political Action Committee Trustees, which then made decisions about which candidates deserve our support.  I am proud of this year’s process and encourage all UCAR members to fully support RPAC so that this work can continue. Click here to contribute in RPAC.

Candidates that the REALTORS® will support for the upcoming elections are as follows:

James Hadfield – Mayor (American Fork)

Daniel Zappala – Council (Cedar Hills)

Gary Gygi – Mayor (Cedar Hills)

Heather Jackson – Mayor (Eagle Mountain)

Luke Pannell – Council (Eagle Mountain)

Nate Ochsenhirt – Council (Eagle Mountain)

Tim Irwin – Mayor (Highland)

Bert Wilson – Mayor (Lehi)

Chris Condie – Council (Lehi)

Cory Maloy – Council (Lehi)

Chris Nichols – Mayor (Orem)

Brent Sumner – Council (Orem)

Dave Spencer – Council (Orem)

Debby Lauret – Council (Orem)

Mary Street – Council (Orem)

Tom Mcdonald – Council (Orem)

Bruce Call – Mayor (Pleasant Grove)

Andy Weight – Council (Pleasant Grove)

Dianna Anderson – Council (Pleasant Grove)

Erik Jensen – Council (Pleasant Grove)

John Curtis – Mayor (Provo)

Kim Santiago – Council (Provo)

Leo Lines – Council (Provo)

Ryan Frandsen – Council (Provo)

Sterling Beck – Council (Provo)

Jim Miller – Mayor (Saratoga Springs)

Keir Scoubes – Council (Spanish Fork)

Mike Mendenhall – Council (Spanish Fork)

Ben Jolley – Council (Springville)

I am confident that when you explore these candidates, you will learn, as I have, that they will protect private property rights, support business development, and have a vision and plan for a prosperous and safe future in our valley. Please get involved to get these candidates elected.

Realtor Pride

We also recently had the annual UAR RPAC Rally Ride. On display, in addition to the awesome roaring thunder and shinning chrome, was Realtor Pride shown in dramatic fashion. Realtors from across the state saddled Harley Davidson motorcycles for the annual UAR RPAC Rally Ride, this year from Logan around Bear Lake and up to Jackson, Wyoming.

Did you hear the roar of 1600 cc’s reverberating across Utah? Or maybe you heard the screams of excitement from the nearly 80 participants on bikes or following in convertibles. If not, you were sure to hear the stereo pounding Air Supply from the Acura MDX follow car.

I didn’t tire of hearing the roar of the bikes and the words of amazement from the visiting NAR officials, commenting about how amazing our state is. The fact that Utah Realtors raised more than $100,000 for RPAC was also a tremendous accomplishment to show our visitors.

Show pride in our industry today by contributing to RPAC today. Click here.